Custom T-Shirts

My love for drawing animals and my conviction in having a moral compass are the catalysts for my wearable artwork. I currently have 5 different series, including "RESPONDER", "AMERICA", "LIFE", "THE 7 MOUNTAINS", and "THE SKETCHES." I will be adding more designs to the series over time.

I'm also donating a portion of my sales to a number of trustworthy, charitable organizations that I have chosen which not only embody the characteristics of each of the first 4 series, as described below, but these nonprofits also give back directly to their respective groups through crisis and suicide intervention, humanitarian aid and rescue, practical skills development, stopping human trafficking, educational and workplace programs, disaster response teams, and strengthening those bringing a plumb line of integrity into the 7 Cultural Mountains of Influence.


SMALL QUANITY ORDERS: Ordering information for small orders on tshirts and other functional art items is coming soon, as we vet "print on demand" vendors for the best quality, options, and pricing.

LARGE QUANTITY ORDERS FOR T-SHIRTS: Are you looking for tshirts for your organization or group? Great! There is no wait for ordering quantities of 35 or more on tshirts with the same design. Please send all inquiries with quoting details to my Contact link. Thanks!

"LIFE" ART SERIES: I boldy stand for LIFE! Each year, hundreds of thousands of innocent unborn are lost in the United States to the lie that their lives don't have innate value and purpose, and that their mothers don't have other options in unplanned pregnancies. I don't condemn the women who are facing this situation, but they are being misled and manipulated. I put an arrow on the back of organizations, educational system, and people who prey on these women for profit and furthering their political agenda. A huge demographic of the culture are being sold a lie about what really happens during an abortion, and the truth that defines gestation and a baby's development. I believe when truth stands up and speaks, countless lives, generationally, will be saved and transformed. This subject has a lot of significance to my family, because my maternal grandmother was saved from being aborted in 1935. My great-grandmother walked out of a Chicago abortion clinic at the very last moments before her name was called by the abortionist. Because the revelation of life miraculously changed her heart, I am here today to make a difference. You, also, can make a difference when you stand and support life. Each t-shirt in this series depicts an animal parent and offspring.

"RESPONDER" ART SERIES: We wouldn't have a prosperous, free, and secure United States of America unless a courageous people were willing to sacrifice their lives and their comforts to protect their nation's citizens, borders, God-given rights, freedoms, property and well being, and Constitutional values. This is also personal to me. One of my grandfathers was in the United States Navy, and served on a Naval carrier in the Korean War. My other grandfather was in the Air Force, and served as a code breaker during the Cold War. An aunt and uncle both served in the Air Force, and an uncle served in Air National Guard. My mother worked for our county's Fire/Rescue, and our family received first responder care after a car accident when I was 4 years old. As a young adult, my mother was a passenger in a head-on collision, and needed to be cut from the car with the Jaws of Life. Just like you, I have friends who are responding to emergencies, saving and helping people everyday on the frontlines in their local communities. I have the utmost respect and gratitude for our military armed forces, chaplains, and emergency and first responders. This is my way of saying "Thank you!" and reminding others of the brave and unselfish acts of service we all receive every day, as Americans. Each t-shirt in this series depicts an animal representative of their responder duty, including military branches and their branch and/or special ops mascots.

"AMERICA" ART SERIES: I accredit America as one of the best countries on Earth in which to live, for her generosity and compassion, innovation, resiliance, strength, and for being a rich melting pot of people who are both American-born, and also those who have come from all over the world to genuinely build their American dream. Each of the animals in this series are a species native to North America, symbolizing the essence of what it truly means to represent our rich American tapestry and heritage, with one added exception — the American roaring lion design.

"THE 7 MOUNTAINS" ART SERIES: The 7 Cultural Mountains of Influence is a term that has been around since the mid-1970's, coined by Bill Bright and Loren Cunningham. The mountains include Business, Government, Media, Entertainment, Family, Education, and Religion. They are marketplace and society "mind molders," as Bill Bright refered; the places that had the deepest affect on the culture. They needed to have the deepest anchor of integrity, and people willing to operate in those places for light and truth. In 2000, Dr. Lance Wallnau began to invigorate this 7 Mountain message by stewarding and inspiring a brand new generation to take a vested interest in bringing positive change and great influence to the culture. I believe many of us are called to those mountains to change the temperature of the nations, and to be honorable leaders for generations to follow.

"THE SKETCHES" ART SERIES: COMING SOON! This is a fun series I created. They make me laugh every time I look at them.